About us

Company History

The Engraving Shop was established in late 2014 with to be one of the favourite resources for unique personalised gifting. Since its inception, We have have been working hard in making it a pleasant and uncomplicated process in getting the gifts personalised from our store.

In order to facilitate this process, The Engraving Shop invested its efforts into developing an in-house operation for providing its customer base with free quality engraving services delivered within minimal time. This innovative operation allows customers the option of personalization services without the cost of the additional expense. Gifts that are personalized with a name, special message or even a unique logo can be processed for shipment within one or two business days without extra costs.

In 2014, we started a home based business and soon realised that we have a passion for our work. Our website was due for a long time and was launched in 2015, since that time we’ve been offering our wide range of personalised gifts online to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Our main business is to focus on helping small Australian business to personalise and create an identity of their offerings. We look forward to assisting you with your next gifting and branding requirements.

Customers have been coming to us to personalise their gifts for all their special occasions making us personalised gift favoured business around the community. Thanks to all our customers we are learning every day and enjoying everything that we do.

The Engraving Shop Team

Gautam & Veda