Baby Shower Ideas during COVID

Baby Shower Ideas during COVID

Baby showers have become an important celebration especially if it is a family's first baby!  With socially distanced celebrations being the new go to, here are a few ways to make sure that your loved ones are by your side during such celebrations!

Here is a few ways you can include your loved ones from miles away or in a socially distanced way, to celebrate with you in your joyous occasions.

1. Invite your family and friends to a video celebration with a link attached for easy access. Your loved ones will be able to celebrate with you in a socially distanced way, while still being present in the moment!

2. If all your loved ones are in the same city, it will be fun to have a drive by baby shower which is a memory that will be cherished forever. This can include decorating your house with the colour of your baby's gender, having a socially distanced photo shoot and giving out a dessert basket for this celebration!

3. You can alternatively skip a baby shower if the current situation is not ideal for you. Instead of a baby shower, you can have a meet the baby after she/he is born in a socially distanced manner or via video party!

4. You can host a virtual game night with your loved ones and play a variety of games which can end in a gender reveal, include a gift opening session and a photo session in costumes or using filters!


And here's a bonus mention of a Gift Tag to attach to your party favours for your guests! We hope you are able to have a memorable celebration even during this difficult situation. Do write to us via email if you have any ideas for gifts and we will make sure to answer your queries.

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