Best Gift Options for Different Kinds of People

Best Gift Options for Different Kinds of People

In my opinion gift giving is exhausting, especially when it's either for someone you want to show your sincere appreciation to or someone you don't know at all. Here, at The Engraving Shop, Melbourne-Australia, we aim to make the gift giving process easy and personalised without compromising on quality!

Personally, all will be forgiven if you just ask me what I want as a gift! But then again that's just me. So, for all those people who are in the same boat as me and do not know what to gift people, I'm making a list of gifts perfect for different people and occasions!

Today I am writing about the gift options for the 5 different, but common type of people-

1. For an Animal lover a Christmas Ornament is the perfect gift to give someone who loves their pet as a child, which can be personalised! As long as you know someone loves animals, you know they will be touched by your gift.

2. This customisable Chopping Board is a perfect gift for someone you don't know very well, but wish to know them better, which shows that sentiments matter more than the gift itself.

3. Here's my pick for a foodie, this Cheeseboard is a perfect gift for a food lover as well, which can be personalised and is a great souvenir too!

4. Children are some of the most difficult as well as hardest people to please. They could be the happiest child in the world with a shoe box or the most cranky child with the most expensive toys. To overcome this you can buy this Christmas Ornament which will be a precious souvenir for the child to remember you by. But, just for safety of everyone around a crying child, buy a soft toy too.

5. The last person who I will mention in this list is people who don't like receiving gifts. Often times I have noticed such people are more appreciative of the sentiments behind a gift, like a thoughtful message, or an inside joke or even something they mentioned they liked once, and they didn't think you'd remember. For them we offer a Glass Bud Vase which is one of the most thoughtful gift on our website! It can be personalised with your own message!

I hope through this list you have found a gift you're looking for. In case you have any questions or ideas you can always send us a mail or leave a comment!

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