How to choose the perfect Baptism and Christening gift?

How to choose the perfect Baptism and Christening gift?

Every baby born into a Catholic family is baptized in the Holy church as a way of washing away the sins of Adam and Eve, who were cast away from the Garden of Eden after eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. The babies are Christened with a name chosen by their parents in the same ceremony.

Baptism is a very important ceremony for Catholics and is the first sacrament of the Altar which is done by sprinkling or pouring holy water on the baby’s head. This sacrament began with John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin who baptized Jesus and many others who believed in God.

The parents select godparents for their child, who are the guardians and are responsible for the well being of the child in the absence of their parents.

Christening often takes place in the same ceremony and is a name giving ceremony. These two ceremonies together form a very important first day in the faithful life of a Catholic family. This special day is celebrated almost lavishly and it is often difficult to find a perfect gift for the baby.

These sacraments are a way of entering into the Catholic Church and with this comes the thought of gifting a souvenir! Here, at The Engraving Shop, Australia you will find a variety of gifts perfect for such a blessed occasion which will act as a special keepsake for the child to look back on!

We offer customizable ornaments, photo frames, tea light candle holders, cake toppers, gift tags and glass bud vase which can be personalised with your own designs and messages as well! These gifts are so well thought that you would not think twice before placing an order with us.

We would love to hear any ideas and questions you may have and encourage you to send us an email mentioned at the bottom of this page!

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